Creative Healing

Creativity is a healing force. It took me a while to really understand that, but once I did, I realized that it is my most frequently employed healing tool. Music heals–we know that, it’s easy to understand. Throughout human history, literature, myth and pictographs have captured our use of the healing power of music. It’s […]

Muses on a Mission

Music is Medicine. Oh, not the pharmaceutical kind where you pop a tune and it puts a band-aid over your symptoms but you gain 10 pounds and you have lots of dry mouth but no orgasms. Not that kind of medicine. It’s the kind of medicine that you get from a Shaman, who shakes a […]

The Goddess and the Green Man

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and contemplating about our primal archetypes, the ones that are so ancient and so universal that they show up nearly everywhere. Most cultures worshiped a life-giving Mother and some kind of vegetation God. As a card-carrying member of the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA), it makes perfect […]

The Merlin and the Vivian

Great bookstore score this weekend! I found Jean Markale’s Merlin: Priest of Nature at our wonderful Haunted Bookshop–and I devoured it. It will get re-read, probably numerous times, so I don’t feel too bad about speeding my way through. Maybe I knew instinctively there was a puzzle piece in there that I had been searching […]

The Silence

I’ve been working with a batch of Songwriting Mastery students, playing with chords a LOT. This chord progression came up for me after a lesson, and something in it really grabbed me. My soul sister Laura had been out walking with her squeeze one night, and he asked her, “Is that moon half full or […]

Bardic Notes

I’ve been tossing the B-word around here quite a bit, ancient Bards, Bardism, Bardic arts . . . And I feel a need to offer a definition of what this word means to me and why I am adopting it. A Bard is generally agreed to be someone who is of a creative nature, a […]