Self-Destruction Can Be Self-Care

I had a really interesting chat with a friend recently, who brought up the idea that sometimes, self-destructive things can push you past being stuck where you don’t want to be. Not necessarily in the “you have to hit rock bottom before you can start to climb up” kind of way, though sadly there are […]


Creativity is frequently a lonely proposition.  Many of us tend to slip away in order to have time to ourselves to be who we most truly are. Few people get to share this part of us. In my life, there have been a mere handful of people who ever got to witness or participate in […]

Wearing Brighid’s Cloak

As children, we spend a lot of time pretending to be other people. It’s how we figure out how the world works. We start by pretending to be mommy or daddy. Then we expand to the grocer, the doctor, firefighters, police, nurses, veterinarians, schoolteachers, and rockstars. As we get older, our worldview expands, and we include more professions […]

Good and Messy

My house is a fekkin disaster area. Pretty much all the time. And apparently I like it that way, because if I didn’t I would do something about it. I have a lot of interests, and not quite enough house for them all to fit into nicely. It has ever been thus. Michael also has […]

Music Is A Verb

For a culture so obsessed with music, we sure don’t play much of it. This appears to be largely a Western thing, and possibly overwhelmingly an American thing. We are surrounded by a near-continuous stream of music, from the radios in our cars to the canned music at the grocery store, gas station and coffee […]

The Long, Cold Dark

Things have to die before they can be reborn. Right now, as I sit here in my comfortable house, there’s a killin’ cold outside. We got six inches of snow yesterday, and last night the cold came down like a hammer. It’s a terrifying beauty, this kind of weather. I have to confess, I am […]

Blessed and Happy MidWinter Solstice!

I’m a Druid, which means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  There are Neo-Pagan Druids who worship Earth-Mother and Sky Father and numerous other personal and household gods; there are Christian Druids who live by the philosophy Jesus taught, and worship a Divine Creator and generally believe Christ is the Son […]

Lessons Learned

I wrote a blog post yesterday (Thursday, actually).  And I saved, and saved, and previewed and proofed and saved . . . and then I added an image, and when I previewed with the image, the image wouldn’t show up. So I did stuff, removed and added it back, saved, yadda yadda yadda, and when […]