The Long, Cold Dark

Things have to die before they can be reborn. Right now, as I sit here in my comfortable house, there’s a killin’ cold outside. We got six inches of snow yesterday, and last night the cold came down like a hammer. It’s a terrifying beauty, this kind of weather. I have to confess, I am […]

Blessed and Happy MidWinter Solstice!

I’m a Druid, which means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  There are Neo-Pagan Druids who worship Earth-Mother and Sky Father and numerous other personal and household gods; there are Christian Druids who live by the philosophy Jesus taught, and worship a Divine Creator and generally believe Christ is the Son […]

A Druid’s Samhain

Samhain is a High Holy Day, a cross-quarter day, which is different from the solar holidays, or the Full Moon and New Moon celebrations.  Cross-quarter days actually mark the true beginning of the seasons. The solar holiday marks the midpoint. Winter does not begin on December 21–it begins on October 31. That’s why Yule is […]