Stress is a silent killer. Good thing you just found a Sound Healer.

Sound is the glue that holds everything in this Universe, perhaps all universes, together. Sound plays a starring role in nearly every origin story on Earth; all peoples instinctively understood that sound was the beginning of everything.

Working with a Sound Healer is like getting a tune-up for your body, your mind, and your eternal self.

Whether you need a tune-up or some major repairs, we will get your body, mind and soul singing together in harmony. No musical experience required, at all. Just enjoy the way the beautiful sounds take you into a deep and wonderful state of relaxation and peace, so your innate healing power can work its magic. Sound good? Click the button below to learn more.

Yes! We do have giftcards!

It’s got to be easy. Holidays and celebrations are supposed to be fun and restful, right? This could not be more easy, and it lets you do that thing where you get to feel good twice because you’re supporting a local business and getting an amazing present for someone you love. Win and win again! My friend, thanks for your trust and your time!

Sounds Like Time For Some Self-Care!

Well, it happens! I’m having surgery, so I will be taking some time off. From May 21 until June 11 I will not be taking any appointments at all; after June 11 I will be accepting Tarot clients only until June 25. I look forward to seeing you later on in the summer! Feel free to schedule in advance, because things fill up fast around here.

For many reasons, I consider Gayla Drake to be pure magic. She is so filled with the healing spirit that simply being in her presence brings a person calmness, but she extends that magic with such generosity and purity that everything she does elevates the soul. I have had her Reiki me and read my Tarot and have been present during sound sessions with my daughter. I am forever in awe of the knowledge Gayla possesses but more than that, her ability to hone in on that thing a body needs most. She is truly the Good Witch. Knowing Gayla outside of her professional realm is a blessed gift. To simply sit with a cup of tea and conversation imbues your body with Gayla osmosis…you feel better just being around her.


I was expecting the mental relaxation of Sound Healing but I was surprised at the physical effect of sound vibrations. The vibrations literally shake you to your core. You can feel it deep down in bone, muscle, and joints. The effect is similar to a yoga class for me. I leave with an overall feeling of looseness in body and mind.


Gayla Drake

I’m a Soundworker. That means a musician, healer, teacher, coach and mentor who works with Sacred Sound to make the world a better place generally, and helps people improve the quality of their lives specifically. I’m a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, a Certified Light Language Practitioner and a Reiki Master. Stress, depression, anxiety, unsolvable mystery illness and pain should not be normal. Sound Healing is the most effective tool I have ever encountered in the fight against all of those conditions. I want to share it with you.


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Sound Healing

Experience the intensely healing and deeply relaxing magic of sound for healing’s sake. We are vibration, people! We need vibration to put us to rights when things get . . . uncomfortable. It’s totally non-invasive, and there are no side-effects whatsoever. This is the medicine of the future, and you can get it now. Let’s get you in tune! Sound Health!

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Tarot Counsel

Sometimes we all need a little direction. Tarot is a wonderful way to rummage around in your mind and find the answers that have been there all along. Deepen your understanding of a situation that confuses or scares you; make decisions with more confidence because you know how you truly feel about it; get clarity for the next big step in your life. This can be a game-changer.

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Light Language

The Universe speaks the language of light in geometric forms. Light Language practitioners create grids that are inserted into the Code of the Universe in order to create desired outcomes for the highest good of those concerned, from helping overcome illness to creating a dream business to making your community a better place to live, anything is possible. Write on!