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Gayla Drake

I’m a wild creative who loves helping people discover their hidden talents, embrace and pursue their unique and beautiful visions, and bloom into thriving lives that support, nurture and empower them. There is great pain in feeling so deeply that you have a purpose, but having no idea what it is, or how to go about fulfilling it; having the desire to use your gifts to make the world a better place, but having no idea what that means. I’ve been there. Music has always been my major passion, but there was something big missing. After a whole lotta soul searching, I discovered that what was missing was helping people find and live their own passions. Are you a wild creative in search of your mission? You’re in the right place.



Life Coaching


Life-coaching helps people discover their hidden talents and truths, find their life purpose, start a business they love or kick their existing career into high gear, attract their ideal partner or enhance their existing relationship, or go from “going through the motions” to driving the bus.

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Life-Purpose Coaching


Feeling you are here for a reason and not knowing what that reason is can be intensely painful, as can knowing your life-purpose but having no idea how to bring it into your life. Turn sabotage into insight, and learn how to use the power of procrastination to make more informed, bigger-picture choices.



Reiki Services


Not your momma’s Reiki session; Reiki Master Gayla combines Reiki with Light Language, self-hypnosis, and deep visualization to accelerate healing and positive change in the body, mind, emotions and spirit.


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Light Language


An ancient Mayan magic and healing practice, inserting code directly into the Universe to specify exactly what is desired. This is, hands down, the most powerful form of magic I have experienced.




Songwriting Mastery

A 4-month class for songwriters who want to take their craft higher through Chord Sorcery, Melody Magic and Word Wizardry.

Month-Long Care Package

A Month-Long Care Package

A Month-Long Care Package allows you to choose four services to receive, one each week, for a month of self-care, introspection, healing or discovery.

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Speak Like a Goddess

You have a powerful and important message; is your vocal delivery keeping clients from embracing your brand? Speaking with confidence and command is essential to your success. Make sure your voice and your message are working in harmony!

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Concert Appearances

Guitar maestra, inspired songstress, Priestess, Druid, comedian. Performances are rare but magical things. Guitar, violin and private songwriting instruction available.