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So What's a Soundworker_

Think Lightworker, but with sound.

Sound is the glue that holds everything in this Universe, perhaps all universes, together. Sound plays a starring role in nearly every origin story on Earth; all peoples instinctively understood that sound was the beginning of everything.

Working with a Soundworker is like getting a tune-up for your body, your mind, and your eternal self. Let’s get you into the flow.

Each SoundWork session is a unique co-creation between soundworker and client. We focus on building an ongoing partnership that allows the client to rapidly improve their overall well-being, and harmonize their vibration so it can effortlessly rise. Your first session might include tuning forks, Reiki and singing bowls. Your next session might include a guided meditation, some toning, more Reiki and a Light Language grid. We work together, tuning our intuitions together, so we serve your highest good, always keeping your goals at the forefront of our relationship.

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Gayla Drake

I’m a Soundworker. That means a musician, healer, teacher, coach and mentor who works with Sacred Sound to make the world a better place generally, and helps people improve the quality of their lives specifically. I have nearly 50 years of musical experience, and numerous advanced certifications in both Reiki and Light Language, and am currently working toward certification as a Sound Healer. My process is to work in partnership with the Client, to attune our intuitions together, so that we are working in harmony toward your best life.


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Songwriting Mastery

A 4-month class for songwriters who want to take their craft higher through Chord Sorcery, Melody Magic and Word Wizardry.

Give the gift of sound health. (1)

Give the Gift of Sound Health

Purchase a single session or a series of sessions for someone you love! Customized care, from my hands to yours.


Speak Like a Goddess

You have a powerful and important message; is your vocal delivery keeping clients from embracing your brand? Speaking with confidence and command is essential to your success. Make sure your voice and your message are working in harmony!


Concert Appearances

Guitar maestra, inspired songstress, Priestess, Druid, comedian. Performances are rare but magical things. Guitar, violin and private songwriting instruction available.