Midsummer Meditation

In times of ferocious growth, we often forget that Life does not send tests our way that we are likely to fail. Do you have any idea what the Powers That Be in the Multiverse have invested in you, just to get you physically here on the planet? Insane coincidences may have had to become […]

What I Did on My Vacation

Several years ago, I was Accident Prone Girl. When I would get stressed out, overwhelmed, too busy or just plain worn out, I would have little accidents. A stumble in the driveway on the way to a gig left me bruised and scraped, but I managed to get to the gig on time and do […]

The Merlin and the Vivian

Great bookstore score this weekend! I found Jean Markale’s Merlin: Priest of Nature at our wonderful Haunted Bookshop–and I devoured it. It will get re-read, probably numerous times, so I don’t feel too bad about speeding my way through. Maybe I knew instinctively there was a puzzle piece in there that I had been searching […]

Conjunction Junction

I work hard at being a good communicator. It hasn’t always come easily to me. I wanted to be a writer from the time I knew what a book was. Before I even knew the alphabet I was folding pieces of paper together and scribbling what I thought was convincing cursive writing on the pages […]

The Silence

I’ve been working with a batch of Songwriting Mastery students, playing with chords a LOT. This chord progression came up for me after a lesson, and something in it really grabbed me. My soul sister Laura had been out walking with her squeeze one night, and he asked her, “Is that moon half full or […]

Bardic Notes

I’ve been tossing the B-word around here quite a bit, ancient Bards, Bardism, Bardic arts . . . And I feel a need to offer a definition of what this word means to me and why I am adopting it. A Bard is generally agreed to be someone who is of a creative nature, a […]

Speaking Universeese

The Universe doesn’t understand “Stop sending bad boyfriends.” Or “I don’t want to be fat.” Or “Make this pain go away.” What it does respond to is, “My boyfriend is open, loving, kind, sexy, secure, compassionate, romantic, happily and gainfully employed, talented, smart, resourceful and engaged in living a life he loves.” Tall order? That […]

Life-Coaching and Tarot Reading

My first real exposure to anything occult was Tarot. I remember so clearly sitting on the floor of my much older boyfriend’s attic room watching him place cards from a very well-worn Thoth deck, feeling a new flavor of fascination. This was something so strange, so ancient, so spooky good, that I couldn’t stop thinking […]