Creativity is frequently a lonely proposition.  Many of us tend to slip away in order to have time to ourselves to be who we most truly are. Few people get to share this part of us. In my life, there have been a mere handful of people who ever got to witness or participate in […]

Good and Messy

My house is a fekkin disaster area. Pretty much all the time. And apparently I like it that way, because if I didn’t I would do something about it. I have a lot of interests, and not quite enough house for them all to fit into nicely. It has ever been thus. Michael also has […]

Music Is A Verb

For a culture so obsessed with music, we sure don’t play much of it. This appears to be largely a Western thing, and possibly overwhelmingly an American thing. We are surrounded by a near-continuous stream of music, from the radios in our cars to the canned music at the grocery store, gas station and coffee […]

Lessons Learned

I wrote a blog post yesterday (Thursday, actually).  And I saved, and saved, and previewed and proofed and saved . . . and then I added an image, and when I previewed with the image, the image wouldn’t show up. So I did stuff, removed and added it back, saved, yadda yadda yadda, and when […]

Taking Back the Holidays

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  I had Friendsgiving here, which was just fantastic. No pressure, no pain, no stress, no guilt . . . No weight gain, either, because I feasted with other health nuts, and we ate in moderation. I feel warm, but not puffy. Full of peace, but not bloated. Satisfied, and […]

Creative Healing

Creativity is a healing force. It took me a while to really understand that, but once I did, I realized that it is my most frequently employed healing tool. Music heals–we know that, it’s easy to understand. Throughout human history, literature, myth and pictographs have captured our use of the healing power of music. It’s […]

The Black Dog

This song is true. The first two verses are about people I knew who recently took their own lives. The third verse is what I hope will become more and more true. Eckhart Tolle’s remarkable book, “The Power of Now,” recommends becoming an observer of our thoughts. Feeling something difficult? Take a step back and […]