The Goddess and the Green Man

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and contemplating about our primal archetypes, the ones that are so ancient and so universal that they show up nearly everywhere. Most cultures worshiped a life-giving Mother and some kind of vegetation God. As a card-carrying member of the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA), it makes perfect […]


Pre-S: Good lord, my hair really does look fabulous in this photo. Holy crap. Thank you, DNA gods! But that’s not why you called. My main squeeze took his daughter for a week to an amusement park, and I got the house to myself. We aren’t the kind of couple who have to be inseparable. […]


Sometimes we are inhaling information, and it has to become integrated before we can exhale. Creatives in particular are subject to this ebbing and flowing of inspiration – which is another word for “inhalation.” We become filled with Spirit, and if we are clever and humble, we can then allow Spirit to speak through us. […]

In Your Dreams

Dreams are a wonderful source of confusion. Most of them make no sense at all. So much nonsense. Upon waking we are mystified, horrified, amused, befuddled. But when we were in there, it made so much sense. Dream dictionaries are only moderately helpful; they are collections of the most common meanings of dream images and […]

Midsummer Meditation

In times of ferocious growth, we often forget that Life does not send tests our way that we are likely to fail. Do you have any idea what the Powers That Be in the Multiverse have invested in you, just to get you physically here on the planet? Insane coincidences may have had to become […]