We had a partial eclipse here in Iowa. Sure, I could have gone a few hours south and seen a total one, and that would have been cool. But I work where I live, and I bloom where I am planted. And it was, honestly, pretty anti-climactic. But that’s alright. Michael and I had fun […]

Midsummer Meditation

In times of ferocious growth, we often forget that Life does not send tests our way that we are likely to fail. Do you have any idea what the Powers That Be in the Multiverse have invested in you, just to get you physically here on the planet? Insane coincidences may have had to become […]

What I Did on My Vacation

Several years ago, I was Accident Prone Girl. When I would get stressed out, overwhelmed, too busy or just plain worn out, I would have little accidents. A stumble in the driveway on the way to a gig left me bruised and scraped, but I managed to get to the gig on time and do […]

Conjunction Junction

I work hard at being a good communicator. It hasn’t always come easily to me. I wanted to be a writer from the time I knew what a book was. Before I even knew the alphabet I was folding pieces of paper together and scribbling what I thought was convincing cursive writing on the pages […]

Life-Coaching and Tarot Reading

My first real exposure to anything occult was Tarot. I remember so clearly sitting on the floor of my much older boyfriend’s attic room watching him place cards from a very well-worn Thoth deck, feeling a new flavor of fascination. This was something so strange, so ancient, so spooky good, that I couldn’t stop thinking […]

Fear Itself

I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately, to put some things in perspective, and hold on to my long-sought and hard-won joy. Because lately, living in America has been a joy shredder. Guilt. Oh gods, is there guilt. I should be doing more, I should be giving more money, I should be calling my idiot senators […]