In times of ferocious growth, we often forget that Life does not send tests our way that we are likely to fail.

Do you have any idea what the Powers That Be in the Multiverse have invested in you, just to get you physically here on the planet? Insane coincidences may have had to become a daily occurrence; the unlikeliest people may have had to fall in love; maybe you are one of those accidental children born of tragic chance or a lapse in judgment–that had to be engineered, too. There are a hell of a lot of children who were born because their fathers told their mothers that they would do their share to handle the birth control for a while. Uh huh. Thanks, “Daddy.”

So you are here because the Multiverse wanted you here. But no pressure.

The good news is, you probably won’t be tested until you are ready. The bad news is, you don’t get to make the call about your readiness. Oh no. There are . . . Angels I guess we can call them, who make those decisions. They look at our level of development and say, “He needs to simmer a little longer. She’s good to go. Ugh, that one . . . Who was the project manager on him?

Your own personal feelings about your readiness have nothing to do with it. Those aren’t even part of the equation. In fact, they are often scored in the inverse. The more ready you are convinced you are, the less likely something is to happen. On the other hand, the less ready you think you are, the more likely you are to be perfectly ready after all. 

Because Life will not give you a test you can’t pass.

I think one of the saddest things to contemplate would be never being tested at all. Never fulfilling one single criteria that would allow your soul to get even one layer of crap burned away to expose a brighter, lighter you. There are people out there walking around, holding down jobs, some of them in positions of considerable power, who have never had more than the first initiation that gave them sentience. That’s it. Stuck. So tangled in the veil they will never see through it to the beauty within. Sometimes it’s hard to have pity for them, to look at them with the eyes of compassion instead of thinking, “Oh dear lord, what rock did you crawl out from under to take this gig?” Or, “How is she manager of this department when she can’t even speak in complete sentences?” Or even, “How did this dumbass get elected?”

Well, I’ll tell ya. Those gigs don’t really matter. No gig really matters. Creating something amazing matters. Being so willing and so eager to drink from the Cauldron that your tongue ends up with third degree burns matters. Witnessing the World with such openness and lightness that the tragic truth of it sends you into fits of hysterical laughter matters. Being willing to seem very, very foolish to the unenlightened matters. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will know your worth, even if it is only you looking at your own reflection.

At the Solstices, we are either bathed in Light or steeped in Reflection.

Midsummer is about a week away as I write this, going through my own period of ferocious growth, right along with the natural world. My rebirthing processes are gentler now, but the periods of growth afterward can be very much like a newborn doubling it’s weight and size in a matter of weeks. The capacity of the human mind increases with use. Forget about the old joke, “I had to get rid of algebra so I could learn how to balance my checkbook.” It may seem that way, sure. But once you become a voracious learner, your mind just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Nothing falls out. There is no limit to what you can learn, literally. You cannot blow out your brain, unless you never use it and suddenly decide to become an astrophysicist.

The more you learn, the more you can learn.

So embrace this wild season of ferocious growth and allow yourself to expand your bad infinite self. We are, after all, infinite beings currently housed in finite bodies so we can learn the trick of transcendence and infinite trust. So that we can cultivate such awareness in ourselves that it becomes easier for everyone to vibrate at higher levels of awareness.

Every person has a purpose. We don’t have to know what it is, and we certainly don’t have to embrace or support behaviors that cause pain; but we do have to accept it and acknowledge it. There are people who incarnate to be like chigger-bugs, those useless toxic little vampire bastards that do nothing but cause extreme irritation. They teach us to protect ourselves so we don’t have to be fed on–a useful enterprise after all. 


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