It’s time, and it’s about time. It’s always all about time. 

Time is one of the oceans we live in. Sound is the other. Both are, apparently, as close to infinite as it gets. You just can’t run out of sound. You can run out of things to say, but you’re still making noise. Breathing, heart beating, fidgeting. And time, well, once you run out of things to say time gets . . . all relative and timey-wimey.

Yes, I did a time post a few weeks back, all about how time is a field, it’s neither finite nor infinite, because time and space are linked and as space gets bigger, which it is doing faster and faster, time gets bigger because they’re the same thing. This post isn’t going to be nearly that . . . out there and philosophically sciency, despite the rather abstract and heady beginning.

I want to talk about what we do with the time we live in. How we spend it. How we manage it. How we save it.

It’s all kind of pointless, really, because time isn’t something that belongs to anyone; it’s not something you’re handed so much of at the beginning of the game to last until the end. It’s not like a resource that gets pulled out of the ground and burned up or turned into something else. It’s really more like wind or solar energy.

Think about it. You put up some solar panels, and when the sun shines, which it frequently does, the panels get charged and provide electricity which can be used or stored in batteries. You put up a windmill and when the wind blows, which here in Iowa it does a lot, the turbine spins which powers a generator which creates energy which can be used or stored. We aren’t in any danger of running out of wind or sunlight.

So the Sun does its thing, and the wind does its thing, and we capture that energy without using any of it up.

That’s what time is like. We live in it, we go through our days doing what we do, moving through time without ever using any of it up. More time is being created continuously. As the Universe expands, so does time. We’re not running out of it. You can’t run out of it.

So the question is, how do you want to show up in the world?

That’s it. No time limit. Not “What do you want to do with the precious few days you have?” You get it that you’re eternal, right? That what makes up the essence of you isn’t the meat-sack you currently inhabit? The essence is ephemeral, indestructible, infinite and eternal, so even if you don’t manage to get every single thing on your bucket list accomplished, you can do it next time. Because there will be a next time, because as wonderful as floating about being one with every speck of dust in the entire Cosmos sounds, it will get dull after a while. We’ll want to find something else to do to keep ourselves occupied. And we’ll want to keep improving, keep learning, keep experiencing, keep living. And the best way to do that, apparently, is to show up in the world. Or one of the worlds.

So, infinite creature of Goddess-like stature, how do you want to show up in this world right now?

You went to a hell of a lot of trouble to make this life happen. You created soul contracts with several other souls to help you learn what you wanted to learn, and you picked a moment and a space and a community that you thought would be most likely to support your journey. Gods, Goddesses and Angels conspired with you to set up this moment to be exactly what you needed it to be, balanced your needs with the needs of the 7.5 billion other souls here on the planet doing the same thing, and handed you the dice.

I’ll ask you again: How do you want to show up in this world right now? Do you choose bitterness or sweetness? Fear or love? Anxiety or joy? Struggle or snuggle?

Oh, you want it easy? Easy? Well, yeah, it gets easier every time you say, “More joy please!” But to start? It can feel like dragging yourself up from a bottomless pit through layers of Dippity-Doo. But even in the face of the most ridiculous, terrifying, excruciating messiness, you can choose to live in joy.

You can’t run out of joy, either. Or love. They are also fields in the infinite timey-wimey space-time/lunch-time continuum. Fields can be generated by humans who don’t even know what they are doing. If you aren’t careful, you can generate of field of “I can’t do that because” and be stuck there forever. Or a field of “I can’t afford that.” Or a field of “I’m just a victim of these other people who took all my choices away.”

Wouldn’t it be much better to consciously create a field of love, joy, and peace? How do you do that?

Breathe in slowly, expanding first your lower abdomen, then your ribcage, and then your collarbones. Hold it a couple seconds, and gently release it. Do that a couple more times. Shake any tension out of your arms and hands. Roll your head a little bit, shrug and roll your shoulders. When you breathe in next, consciously think “joy,” and as you hold the joy in, think “love,” and as you allow the breath to leave you, think “peace.” And keep doing that until you are a noodle.

Breathe in again, hold it, and this time when you breathe out, allow a sound to leave your lips. A whisper, or a tone, whatever you can muster. But let the shape of the sound be “joy.” And let that shape and sound move outward from you in waves, because sound is a wave. Breathe in again, and let the next sound to leave you be “love.” And the next is “peace.” And keep sending those sound waves out with your intention. Send them out into the room, and then the next round see them expand to your whole building, and then to your block, to your city, and eventually out to cover the whole world.

Hold the image of the Earth surrounded by your sound waves shaped like joy, love and peace, and set the intention that this is the field you choose to live in. No matter what other fields are being created around you, this is the field you choose. Know that 7.5 billion other people are creating their own fields, and some of them are hoping to cancel your field out. Hate can be a powerful field, but it takes a lot of energy to keep it going.

Hate is really very fragile, because it’s based on something broken, not on something whole.

So even though those 7.5 billion other people are creating fields of their own, yours is more powerful than most because it’s based on love. The bad decisions of a few people might impact you, their pain might spill over into your immediate area, but you can respond with love, and stay in joy.

I had a visit from Earth-Mother a while back. I was outside listening to cicadas in my backyard, and She started singing. She taught me the most beautiful, joyful chant, and I realized that even though humanity is causing havoc with the weather, with the ecosystems, with biodiversity; we’re drilling oil and polluting air and fouling clean water, She is choosing joy.

She is choosing to show up in Her world in joy. I can, too. No matter what.

So how do you want to show up in the world right now? Think deeply and from a place of peace. Take your time.


Need help finding your joy? Maybe a tune-up is in order. Learn more about Soundwork here, and let me know how I can help!





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    1. Aw, once a Whovian, always a Whovian. Though I haven’t kept up with the series in years now. Glad you enjoyed it! Try creating the Joy/Love/Peace field and let me know how it goes!

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