My name is Gayla Drake. I’m a Soundworker. That means musician, healer, teacher, coach and mentor who works with Sacred Sound to make the world a better place generally, and helps people improve the quality of their lives specifically.

Music is healing, or it can be. Passively listening to music lights up the brain all over, because every part of the body gets engaged: the breath and heartbeat slow and entrain with the rhythm; the sounds create imagery in the mind’s eye; fingers and toes begin to tap; the body may desire to move, to dance, to stretch; the emotions get involved and empathy kicks in; the limbic system triggers the hair to stand on end . . . Intentionally listening to music is powerful therapy. Now just think about how powerful sound could be in a healing session. Think about how powerful it could be to learn to play an instrument, or write songs. It’s like a whole-body workout for your brain.

I have about a zillion years of musical experience (okay, nearly 50 years playing guitar and over 40 playing fiddle, but sometimes it seems like a zillion), both as a creator and a performer. Over the past several years I turned my attention to healing therapies, and have accumulated multiple advanced certifications in a number of disciplines including Reiki and Light Language, and am currently pursuing certification as a Sound Healer. I’ve read Tarot cards for decades as well, and have developed numerous layouts for different purposes, such as Soul Contract readings, Life-Purpose readings, and Past Life readings.

Engaging me for a healing session or for long-term work is like turning a kaleidoscope. Today, we might do a long guided meditation to restore the vitality of Sacred Breath to your organs and bones. Next week, we’ll start a journaling process to help you uncover your deep desires for living a life you can love with all your heart. Maybe the week after that we’ll do a Reiki session to harmonize and balance your aura and your chakras. You will probably want a Personal Chakra Grid to organize all the light you carry in your aura to help you access your best and release the rest. If you desire to do some public speaking or presenting, we can work on your presentation skills so nothing impedes your powerful message from hitting home with your audience. Together, you and I will customize a program that will move you forward into your best life.

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