I get many questions about Light Language. It’s not a household word, because it’s one of those modalities that was kept secret for so long. It comes from the Mayan Curandero tradition, and only recently was it sent into the world to become accessible to more practitioners. Although it has set down roots in several countries, it is still relatively unknown as compared to healing traditions like Reiki, which is becoming quite mainstream. The current Lineage Holder, Starr Fuentes, was trained by a shaman in Mexico called Esperanza, and was told that it was time to teach it to the whole world only about 25 years ago.

Light Language uses physics, sacred geometry and frequencies of light to communicate with Light on all levels. It can be used for anything from healing cancer to achieving goals to starting a business to building schools to whatever your lights up your life. The most significant uses, and the best documented instances, are in healing. In fact, I have created a pre-surgery grid that my friends and family will not go into surgery without because the results are so dramatic. Many surgeons have come out of the OR scratching their heads and wondering what just happened because everything went better than it ever had before. I act all surprised, smile and say we were blessed. I never tell them that I wrote a powerful magical grid to set the surgeon aside and allow God/Goddess/Source to do the surgery instead. (Surgeons tend to think they are God anyway, no need to allow any room for misinterpretation of that statement.)

How Does It Work?

Beginning Light Language is based on Platonic Solids, the cube, sphere, cone, pyramid and cylinder. Intermediate Light Language adds the octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, mobius, double spiral, and torus. Advanced Light Language contains 80 shapes all mathematically extrapolated from these basic shapes by adding formulas for snub, truncated, stellated, great, small, ditrigonal, rhombic, and hemi shapes. Each formula adds a unique flavor to the shape, and each shape performs a very specific function. There are also 12 additional advanced toroids, 12 Catalan shapes, and 58 4th Dimensional (or unknown) shapes.

Color comes in to add the flavor. There are 153 colors currently used in Light Language. Reds are about action, blues relaxation and communication, greens healing, purples spirituality, yellows clarity and release, and so on. Pretty intuitive. There are also brown shades for grounding and manifestation, colors that shift time, metallic shades, and colors beyond the visible spectrum like Ultra-Violet, that burns away bacteria, viral infections, and good old fashioned bullshit.

Shapes can be emanated on the spot; for example, someone tells me that someone has had a stroke – I immediately send a Yellow Stellated Truncated Hexahedron. Or I hear that there has been a major car accident on the road and I immediately send a Gold Sphere to the victims and Gold Truncated Dodecadodecahedrons to the emergency responders.

But we can also do grids, which are more permanent. There are several different types of grids, from Personal Chakra Grids, to 49-shape healing, goal or manifestation grids, to 144-shape major concept grids. 144-shape grids are also used for healing cancer, and they are phenomenal healers.

Sound complicated? Yes, my brain hurt after each class with my amazing teacher, Marcia Brandt. But Light Language wants to work with people, some people very much, so it works with each student to help them assimilate so it can become an effortless part of their vocabulary and your thought process.

Let’s start with something simple. The baseline, and the thing no Lightworker should be without, is called a Personal Chakra Grid (PCG). There are two levels of this: a 7-shape grid and a 12-shape grid. Each of the basic chakras is supported by a shape that allows the individual to attract the influences she wants, which protects her from much of the harm coming her way. The grid acts as a library of light, organizing the light we already have in our auras so the strengths we want to emphasize are more easily accessible, and the difficulties we want to overcome are more easily handled. The 7-shape grid used to be plenty for anyone, but with the recent influx of Divine Light (and subsequent Dark Forces Shit Storms that have erupted to try and suppress it), the 12-shape grids were created and gifted to us by the ancients in the Lineage. The 12-shape grids include the High Heart and Well of Dreams chakras, as well as the three Higher Self chakras that extend beyond our Crown into the Cosmos. We are all learning, growing and adapting at light-speed, so fast that our physical consciousnesses can no longer keep up. The 12-shape PCGs work wonders to keep us in harmony and balance, and work to pull in the resources we need to achieve whatever we require. A Lightworker is a powerful force for good; a Lightworker with a PCG is a manifesting mofo.

The 49-shape grids come in several flavors as well, from healing grids, to manifestation grids, to goals/project/creation grids, and nearly anything you can imagine. I have done grids to bring justice to unjust situations; to shift perceptions and attitudes to a higher, healing perspective in different situations; and to manifest things in my life that I thought weren’t possible. Here’s another example: My heart wanted a harp so bad, and the ones I knew I needed were far beyond my financial capacity at the time, so I decided to write a grid. The title of the grid is “I, Gayla Drake, am grateful for the beautiful harp.” Within two weeks, a harp came into the repair shop at the music store where I work, as a trade-in. There was some damage to the top, which my good friend Kevin repaired, but it was significant enough that it could not be sold for what would be the retail price on a used harp – which meant that with a little love from the very friendly instrument leasing plan, I could actually afford it. Holy wow! Two weeks after writing the grid the impossible thing became real. My beautiful boy is sitting in my living room right now, reminding me of the astonishing power of Light Language every day.

There are a few special grids in the 49-shape category, like 7 Rays grids where we call in Archangels and Chohan Masters and directly ask for their intervention (and those pack a punch, let me tell ya). There is a set of grids called Esperanza, which is a funnel process where you start with “Women on Planet Earth are healed from breast cancer now,” and then do another grid for “Women in North America,” then “Women in the United States,” then “Women in Iowa” and then “Jane Doe is healed from breast cancer now.” Combining the Esperanza grids with the 7 Rays grids is kind of like putting the final recipient into a healing microwave.

Because yes, many cancers have been healed completely through the intervention of Light Language. Especially with the 144-shape grids that have been created specifically for different types of cancer. Starr Fuentes loves healing cancer, and spends a great deal of time kicking its ass every-which-way from Sunday. She and her husband, a crystal hunter, used to vacation on a little island in the Bahamas, where Starr would visit the hospital and cure the cancer patients. After several years, Starr arrived at the hospital ready to get to work and the doctors told her, “No one here has cancer anymore. You have cured all of it. Thank you!”

144-shape grids are also used for big concepts, like “Water is Sacred,” or “The Hungry Eat,” or “Bees Thrive.” Global stuff requires a big grid. They are both exhilarating and exhausting to create, because once you start, they start working immediately, and those creating it can feel a certain urgency, heat, or activity, in their auras until the grid is completed. Most of the time, I work on little pieces of it, and try to spread it over a few days, because wowzers, it’s intense.


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