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If it all adds up, you can break it down

Everything I do influences everything else I do. One of the first things I studied on my journey was Tarot cards. I love to do Tarot counseling, to help people see some of the archetypes and symbols behind situations in their lives. That led me to a fascination with Runes. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher, which led me to Light Language, which put me on track to learn about how to talk to my Body Elemental.

Perfect for celebrations, milestones, or upleveling your mojo, treat yourself or someone you love to a month of care, self-care, insight, healing and personal development!


A Month-Long Care Package is a service designed to help jump-start the journey into self-care, or provide an intensive refresher for those already on the path. Once a week for four weeks, you’ll receive a service from me, two one-on-one sessions and two unscheduled or self-study sessions. Creating a habit takes about three weeks, which is why a month-long structure is so powerful. I offer gentle encouragement and regular support to help build a stronger relationship to the self, which is always wonderfully healing.

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Cost: $220

An amazing gift of care for someone you love. Choose two services from each menu below, to enjoy once a week for a month. You’ll also get a weekly email from me with some thoughts, tips, and a self-care challenge.

Perfect for special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, transitions, and any kind of personal celebrations. A great way to start a routine of self-care and self-nurturing!

Scheduled Services (Choose 2)

60 minute Reiki session (in-person local only)
60 minuted Distance Reiki session via phone
60 minute Tarot Reading
60 minute Past-Life Tarot Session
Single 60 minute Life-Coaching Session (Direction or Hidden Gifts)
60 minute Brainstorming Session
60 minute Transitions Coaching Session
60 minute Re-Invention Coaching Session

Unscheduled (and Self-Study) Services (Choose 2)

Light Language: 12-shape Personal Chakra Grid

Light Language: 49-shape Healing or Goals Grid

Video Instruction:

  • Aura Clearing
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Body Elemental Video Coaching Session

Journaling Jumpstart