I have worked with people in a wide array of life-coaching programs and sessions, including: discover hidden dreams and talents; turn self-sabotage into a tool for success; go from Victim to Sovereign; eliminate “lack mentality” from your life; super-charge your speaking voice and speak from your authentic, masterful self. Classes are limited to 12. One-on-one sessions available, either stand-alone or monthly contracts.

Life-Purpose Coaching

Do you ever feel like you were born to do . . . something, but can’t for the life of you figure out what that something is? Discover your soul contract through a variety of tools and techniques, and ignite your heart’s desire.

Speak Like a Goddess

You have a powerful and important message; is your vocal delivery keeping clients from embracing your brand? Speaking with confidence and command is essential to your success. Make sure your voice and your message are working in harmony!

Songwriting Mastery

A four-month, guitar-driven songwriting class for songwriters who want to take their craft higher. Includes basic Key Center Theory, how to break chords, writing stronger melodies, and combining the poetic and conversational voices to create intense and mind-grabbing lyrics.