Music has the power to move us. Soothe us, motivate us, connect us to Source. It can rouse our passions, both good ones and bad ones. It can calm a baby to sleep. It can bring us home. Music, so it is written, hath charms to soothe the savage beast.

Only in the last century or so has humanity come to the scientifically based understanding that everything vibrates, and everything is a collection of waves that vibrate together into things. Some of those things are table shaped, some tree shaped, some people shaped, some cat shaped . . . and on and on.

Sound in the form of drumming, chanting, ringing bells, sounding gongs, playing lyres and reed flutes, and on up to the complex acoustic and electronic instruments familiar to us today, has been used for healing, blessing, birthing, dying, teaching, communicating, inspiring, soothing, and leading people in ritual, into battle and over oceans, for as long as humans have known how to make sound. From grunts, thumps and inarticulate howling to softly crooning a baby to sleep, we’ve somehow always known that sound has incredible power.

Today, we understand far more about the physics behind sound, and what scientists are discovering through meticulous observations, musicians, shamans and healers have known since consciousness dawned. It informs us and helps us understand why what we do works.

So what is Soundwork? It can be as simple as teaching a child to play a musical instrument in order to help them focus better in school, achieve better hand-eye coordination, or get better at communicating. It can help adults relieve stress, exercise their creativity, improve their memory, or prevent and fight off the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Playing or even listening to music can ease depression and anxiety, quiet a fibro flare-up, and increase mental focus and clarity. Soundwork can help a cancer patient through the aftermath of chemotherapy. It can be using tuning forks or singing bowls to help someone release trapped emotions to recover from abuse. It could be playing music for the birth of a child, or to ease someone’s passage through to the Light when their body is done. Soundwork can include creative coaching, mastery of a particular skill, exploration of creating poetry or songwriting, or teaching someone to chant a mantra to facilitate meditation.

It increases the Quality of Life.

It immediately makes the world a better place, because when we are deeply listening, chanting or focused on playing music, even if it’s Twinkle Twinkle on the ukulele, we are home. We are tuning in to life, and becoming part of the Divine Flow of Creative Love. Yes, you can learn to surf that wave, even if you have never played a note in your life! It’s the most natural thing on Gaia, and it’s available to every one of Her creatures.

It can help anyone and everyone, regardless of their prior relationship to music. Even a profoundly deaf person lives in an ocean of sound, and can feel the vibration of a person’s voice, of music, of drumming, of traffic, of airplanes overhead. Once you intensify your relationship to the sounds around you, life begins to communicate in phenomenal, magical ways.

I wont lie.. the first time, I was a touch skeptical. but I came in with an empty cup and ready to give you an honest opinion on this. or suggest something that may make it work better. Instead, you blew me out of the water . . . and made me a believer in it.
you even had my cats chilling out to it. TILLY even loves it, and shes the best judge of character I know. So yeah, I wasn’t quite sure, but I wanted to give an honest attempt and try . . . and I did and I’m so glad I did.

Stephanie W.

laughing 2

We’ve all had moments when our intuition feels like it’s been struck by divine lightning, and we simply know . . . important things . . . that we have no reason to know. We feel inspired, imbued with wisdom, or suddenly safe. We feel plugged in, turned on, lit up, alive.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have that be normal? The default setting for your state of mind?

That’s one of my major goals for all my clients, from the 12 year-old girls I mentor, to the 70+ year-old clients that come to me knowing it’s high time they started living their fullest, most empowered lives. It’s never too early, or too late, to live the life you love. It’s never too early, or too late, to shift your perspective to see possibilities instead of obstacles, and to relish challenges because they allow you to tune yourself up even more.

I offer numerous programs that can help you get where you want to be. Speak Like a Goddess is a four-week program that helps women overcome speech habits that distort their message and cause them to seem unsure of themselves or incompetent, and teaches them to speak with grace and authority. Songwriting Mastery is a four-month program that can be tailored to beginning, intermediate or advanced musicians who want to learn to express themselves through songwriting. My Life-Purpose Coaching program is designed to help discover the soul contracts that are shaping your life, so you can use their power, and their lessons, to create a life with fewer challenges and more of the good stuff you want.

Feel free to browse through those programs, or set up an appointment to talk about a customized package that serves your specific needs.

Monthly Soundwork appointments keep you in tune.

One 75-minute appointment per month: $55

Two 75-minute appointments per month: $100

Two 75-minute appointments plus two 30-minute remote session via Skype: $180

6 month commitment, appointments are set-up in advance but can be rescheduled with 72 hours notice. Reminders will be sent for each appointment; card will be charged on the scheduled day; no-shows will forfeit that month’s appointment.

Sound travels anywhere.

One 45-minute Skype session per month: $40

Two 45-minute Skype sessions per month: $70

You will need decent quality headphones that are comfortable to wear for extended periods, and an internet connection.

6 month commitment, appointments are set-up in advance but can be rescheduled with 72 hours notice. Reminders will be sent for each appointment; card will be charged on the scheduled day; no-shows will forfeit that month’s appointment.

Sometimes all you need is a single serving.

  • 75 minutes: $70
  • 90 minutes: $85