Music Is Everything

I actually do believe that. Everything that is, exists because it vibrates. You can be in tune with it, or you can live in dissonance. Take your pick, I know which one makes me happy.

Even as a child, I knew music was going to be the center of my life. I spent a lot of years working my ass off to learn the chops I wanted to have, to hone my sound, to make friends with my muses. I put in my 10,000 practice hours a couple times over. If I had to define myself with one word, it would probably be “songwriter.”

This page is simply a gift to anybody who likes my songs. I’m going to post my new songs here, so my friends who visit this site can hear them whenever they want. So enjoy. Thanks for coming out, I’m here all week.



Thundersnow Serenade

Black Dog

The Silence

The Edge of the Game

Desire Dance

Never Satisfied

Ride Easy, Ride On