You have a powerful and important message; is your vocal delivery keeping clients from embracing your brand?

Speaking with confidence and command is essential to your success—your delivery has to be as powerful as your message. This 4-week training will help you speak your power and magnetize clients!


Week 1


Together, we listen to recordings of you presenting, conversing, and answering questions about what you do, discovering where your voice rises in pitch, finding mispronounced or misused words, and reflecting on whether the message is triggering discomfort or insecurity in you. No judgment, just honest listening. Deep listening to our own voice can be painfully difficult, but so very worth it.


Week 2


I will teach you some vocal and breathing exercises to strengthen your voice, making it into a more powerful instrument. You will learn to connect your Solar Plexus into your Throat Chakra, to super-charge your message with your deepest well of confidence and personal power. We’ll also work through any issues you discovered from the previous week’s reflection, to take any emotional charge off elements of your message where you may be trying to hide your light.

Week 3


You will re-read the passages that caused you to “get pitchy” in your original recordings. You will be amazed at the transformation just two weeks can make. You will hear new intention and authority coming through your Throat chakra from your Solar Plexus. We’ll record, compare, and celebrate your progress!


Week 4


We’ll work more on your speaking skills, and create some marketing messages that you can record and use to promote your business or services. We’ll also craft an exercise plan that will keep your voice in good shape for years to come.


Real World Results

Boosting self-confidence always leads to positive results, but specifically, when you speak with confidence and command you become a more valued communicator.

  • People listen more closely to what you have to say, and your ideas more often get taken seriously.
  • In the workplace, an empowered voice leads to promotion and financial gain.
  • For entrepreneurs, it makes potential clients have more faith in what you are saying, and trust you more.
  • Teachers who speak with command have more control over chaotic classrooms.

Think about this: You never hear a Master sounding like they doubt their own words. Most of the Master Teachers I have worked and studied with don’t even raise their pitch when they are asking a question. They speak with total confidence. Confidence leads to trust, which brings in more clients. This is a no-brainer.

Time and Money

Invest in You

Time commitment:

Meetings with coach: initial appointment 2 hours; subsequent meetings 90 minutes, 1 session per week. Meetings can be arranged in person or via Skype.

Homework and practice: approximately 1 hour per day.

Financial commitment:

$400 upfront, or $220 per month for 2 months.