Masterful Creativity

Powerful Coaching for Songwriters

Developed for the intermediate songwriter who desires to increase their knowledge and skills and write fantastic songs. Learn tricks that can help you craft more engaging melodies; learn chords that can add wonderful colors to your atmosphere; learn lyric-writing tricks that help you spin amazing yarns, touch hearts, and lift spirits. If you are ready to create at a higher level, this class is for you!

A Little Structure

To enhance the learning process

Each month will follow a format to give continuity and flow to the learning process.

Week 1: Introduction of this month’s concept, and instruction. Students will receive pdf documents with all the information we are going to cover before class starts.

Week 2: After having a week to assimilate the information and play with the concepts individually, we will have a session to ask questions, share ideas, and dig deeper into the topic.

Week 3: One-on-one session with each student; “How can I help you master this material?”

Week 4: Sharing new songs in a writer’s group format, to celebrate successes and give each other feedback.

Month 1: Chord Sorcery

Learn basic key-center theory; how to use common tones; chord substitutions; how to break chords to add tension; suspension chords and bridges; using chords poetically.

Month 2: Melody Magic

Eliminate dull melodies that simply follow the chord changes, and create bold melodies that bend rules, add excitement and express ideas. Build on chord theory to play with scales and modes.

Month 3: Word Wizardry

Combing conversational and poetic voices to create compelling imagery; expand your vision to see the mundane as mythical; look behind events to see the symbolic structure; learn some tricks to bust writer’s block and fuel great storytelling.

Month 4: Digging Deeper

Learn to work with your Muses to find inspiration anywhere; inspiration games and tricks that make songs write themselves; explore open tunings to find more inspiration. An open-mic style party to wrap up, share and celebrate!

Support for Your Journey

Individual Assistance

One-on-one support: Each month I ask each student how I can support them individually to get the most out of the training and we have a one-hour private session to focus on their specific need.

Email support: Twice a week, students receive an email from me with inspiration or instruction to support the month’s central theme. I am always available through email for additional questions.

Business and Marketing support: As I learn more about the new music business and online business in general, I’ll pass it along, from how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign to new ideas about how to grow a fan base; virtual touring, cyber gigging, Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing, and more.

Additional Expectations

Intangible Perks

Supportive Community: You will be surrounded by like-minded learners who will become friends, collaborators, and accountability buddies. Having a group of people who are excited to hear your new songs is powerful fuel for inspirational fires!

Greater Than Our Parts: Sharing ideas, giving and getting feedback from peers, and bouncing ideas around with friends brings out the best in each person.

Access to Proven Expertise: I have written over 300 songs in my life, and am a nationally respected guitarist and composer. You can ask me anything at all about music, playing, songwriting and gigging and I’ll happily share everything I know.


Time and Money

Class size limited to 7.

Time commitment:

Weekly one-hour class time, in person or via Skype depending on location. (All classes can be taken through Skype by joining a call with instructor during regular class times.)

Daily practice time to experiment with concepts: minimum 1 hour.

Financial commitment:

$700 upfront, or $200 per month for 4 months.