It hurts. Every time you start to think about what you could be doing or should be doing . . .

because you have no idea what it is. And you know it’s there. You feel called. You just can’t for the life of you figure out why or what for.

I have worked with many people who have felt the call of the unknown, and although not 100% of them had their “ah ha!” moment, sold their house, moved to the mountains, opened a chocolate shop and became Buddhist, most of them have found a calling. For some it’s teaching. For some it’s writing. For some it’s a hobby. For others it’s a whole new life.

There is help for this anguish, and healing, too.

Even if you don’t discover your life purpose right now, you will be given tools to help you recognize initiatory experiences, tune into what jazzes you, and follow what makes you happy. Each step on the path leads you closer to your soul contract. Don’t postpone the journey just because you don’t have a map.



Here’s How it Works

What to expect when you’re reinventing

Carl Jung developed the theory of archetypes, that we all have certain cultural archetypes governing and guiding our behaviors and personalities. Those archetypes are sort of like computer programs that get called into play when we are responding to situations or reacting to events, when we find ourselves thrust into a strange environment or into a spotlight. These archetypes all have their Light and Shadow sides—not one is all good or all bad, just like us. How we play the role that they bring to our personality is our choice.

One of the first goals of Life-Purpose coaching is to understand which archetypes are strongest in your make-up, so we can identify those that are allies you can immediately call on for assistance, as well as those which need to be brought into the Light. Once you have a stronger picture of the different pieces of your personality puzzle, you can begin to see your true strengths, and where your power truly lives.

We will use other tools to jump-start your imagination as well, Tarot cards and other oracles, brainstorming sessions, deep journaling, visualization work and guided meditations. You will have written or recorded conversations with each of your archetypes, to help you understand the role they play in your personal development and how they can help you reach for your most outrageous and magical dreams.

It has been said before that by not living our life-purpose, we are robbing the world of our essential gifts and the healing we alone can bring. That’s why it’s a little uncomfortable to not know, or to have no idea how to proceed. Are you ready to life the life you were born for? Let’s do this.


Time and Money

Tarot Counseling 

  • in brief: $65
  •  in depth: $150

Archetype Mapping

2 months, 4 75-minute sessions: $600 in full or $320/month

Homework: approximately 3-5 hours per week of study and journaling; homework is required for program to be effective. If the homework is not done, there can be no progress.

On-going counsel available at hourly or monthly rates.