Healing Cooked Up Slow

I live in a town that is, frankly, dominated by a university teaching hospital. This place doesn’t just have branches, not just satellites, it has tentacles. They have an urgent care center in the damn grocery store. It’s becoming like our own special version of Waffle House; somebody stands in the parking lot of a […]

Violence and Vulnerability

I avoid talking about politics, not because I am afraid of the fight, but because honestly, I would rather expend my energies taking care of myself and the people around me so that we can all be our best selves in the face of the chaos and dangers that are, sadly, a reality of this […]

A Druid’s Samhain

Samhain is a High Holy Day, a cross-quarter day, which is different from the solar holidays, or the Full Moon and New Moon celebrations.  Cross-quarter days actually mark the true beginning of the seasons. The solar holiday marks the midpoint. Winter does not begin on December 21–it begins on October 31. That’s why Yule is […]

The Black Dog

This song is true. The first two verses are about people I knew who recently took their own lives. The third verse is what I hope will become more and more true. Eckhart Tolle’s remarkable book, “The Power of Now,” recommends becoming an observer of our thoughts. Feeling something difficult? Take a step back and […]

Journaling the Journey

Journey and journal come from the same root, but by slightly different routes. The Latin word diurnum means “daily portion.” The English word is a combination of the French journee, meaning daily travel for work, and the old English word diurnal, which has come to mean the day divided by daylight and dark. The combination […]

The Car Accident Story

I was in a car accident when I was four. No, I wasn’t driving. My mom was driving. I was in the back seat, rattling around like a marble in a shoe box, because there were no seat belts in back seats at that time–there weren’t even many seat belts in front seats in 1968. […]

Muses on a Mission

Music is Medicine. Oh, not the pharmaceutical kind where you pop a tune and it puts a band-aid over your symptoms but you gain 10 pounds and you have lots of dry mouth but no orgasms. Not that kind of medicine. It’s the kind of medicine that you get from a Shaman, who shakes a […]

“Game Over” Might be a Soul Contract

I have a former step-nephew-in-law (gotta love these blended/extended families) who probably died this week, a victim of Hurricane Irma. His family was being evacuated, but he refused to go. He believed that the government had ordered him to defuse a bomb, so he fought evacuation assistance and ran. The family was given a choice: […]